About this Blog

I love trying new recipes and if they are a hit with my family, I love sharing them with others.

Some of the recipes I share here will be ones that my grandfather and grandmother passed down to me and they will always be labeled as “PaPa’s” or “Grandma’s” Most of the other recipes I share were found online or ones that friends shared with me. I will always attempt to give original credit where it is due.

I have robust eaters that will eat anything I put in front of them and finicky eaters that will hardly eat anything in this family and am always trying new things to bring diversity to the table.

Please feel free to comment and let others know if you have tried a recipe or even post edits you  made to a recipe I posted. I love feedback and readers love hearing ways to make a recipe different.

I don’t have a fancy camera so the majority of the images shared with recipes are my images taken with an iPad or an iPhone. Once in a while I will forget to snap a picture so look for one online but will upload my own the next time I make a dish and remember to snap a pic.